Liquid Substrates facility

Liquid substrates

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Once fermentation has started Liquid substrates and liquefied solid substrates are the key substances transported around bio-energy plants. The reliability of pumps is crucial at these stages to maintain the efficiency of the process by transferring liquids between tanks as the fermentations progress. The pumps must fulfill their important roles by performing effectively and being wear-resistant, which ensures the system’s efficiency. 

Our Solution

SEEPEX pumps from the N range provide reliable transfer of the substrates which may contain abrasive contaminants such as glass, plastic or bone. The innovation Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) has proven itself in widely varying processing tasks. This patented technology has proven its capability in biogas plants over conventional progressive cavity pumps or rotary lobe pumps, when feeding substrates or circulating liquids.


The SCT advantages:

  • Extended lifetime of the rotor and stator by up to 200% due to the integrated retensioning device
  • Rapid removal of blockages
  • Increased ease of maintenance due to quick assembly/disassembly
  • High productivity due to short maintenance times
  • Low space requirements due to easy stator access
  • Easy handling due to lightweight components


Conclusion: SCT reduces the lifecycle costs of your biogas plant and ensures higher levels of productivity and economic efficiency.