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A date with SEEPEX: this was not about love at first sight but enthusiasm for a future job. Qualified employees are rare, and so are companies in search of suitable trainees.

Now, an opportunity presented itself at the ‘Trainee Speed Dating’, to which the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) invites interested students and companies. This time, representatives of the SEEPEX Human Resources (HR) department were able to ‘date’ 20 potential junior employees in the Vestlandhalle in Recklinghausen. The introductory period is short and sweet – ten minutes is all that is allocated for the personal presentation. 

Interest in technical and commercial jobs

For SEEPEX, the event was a success. “We have found a couple potential trainees for a cutting machine operator,” rejoiced Melanie Frank from the HR department. “Also, with regard to the commercial jobs, we convinced several candidates of the engaging work at SEEPEX and the pleasant corporate culture,” continued Frank. The applications collected in Recklinghausen will undergo the usual application procedures and could find a happy end in an apprenticeship contract.

Speed-dating the Next Generation of Qualified Employees