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SEEPEX developed an intelligent dosing pump, therewith leading the digital development of progressive cavity pumps. Because of this, the company received the Innovation Award in the category “Pumps and Compressors” and prevailed against other well-known companies.

The so-called Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) is a compact process module for dosing applications. The unique feature is its control system, which is directly integrated into the pump. In addition to the progressive cavity pump, this module consists of a drive, the associated SEEPEX control software, flow rate sensors and optional safety functions. The system completely implements the modular automation approach, which is the currently-pursued approach in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The pump not only realizes vertical integration, but also merges field and control levels by connecting the sensors and actuators with local intelligence.

Combining the advantages of a progressive cavity pump with a modern decentralized control system optimizes the resource allocation and reduces operating costs. The self-regulating pump and the minimal pulsation conveying reduce the maintenance requirements considerably, and thus ensure cost-efficient system operation.

Broad recognition for the Smart Dosing Pump

The jury was not the only ones convinced by the advantages of the system. It became clear at ACHEMA that the process industry is particularly interested in the Smart Dosing Pump. At the trade show booth, many visitors asked for an explanation regarding the control system of the dosing pump. The other applications submitted in the category “Pumps and Compressors” also indicated the significance of digital innovations for pumps within the process industry.

On June 12, the award ceremony took place at the trade show in Frankfurt.

Innovation award for SEEPEX