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The good old pneumatic tube mail system could have been godfather to a pioneering technology. With the patent-pending “Smart Air Injection” (SAI), SEEPEX is launching a customized system solution, which combines the advantages of two conveying technologies in order to transport extensively dewatered sludge over long distances in a particularly energy-efficient manner. The sewage sludge is compacted into plugs, which are then ceaselessly boosted down pipelines up to 1000 meters long using compressed air. This alternative to conventional processes has already been field-tested at a number of plants throughout Europe, and will quickly pay off for waste disposal companies.

A long pipeline is by no means a disadvantage in the field of technology. And this is currently more important than ever when it comes to disposing of dewatered sewage sludge. Under the new German Sewage Sludge Directive (AbfKlärV), which came into force in 2017, it is increasingly necessary to transport sewage sludge over long distances, e.g. to a phosphate recovery plant. “SAI not only meets the new requirements with distances of up to a kilometer, but is also remarkably economical, because the total investment costs, follow-up expenses are all comparatively low,” says Stephan Mottyll, Development Engineer and Project Manager at SEEPEX.

SEEPEX already has its first reference clients on the international market, with SAI being integrated into the network of one of Europe’s largest water companies in the fall of 2018. The new system will now be available to wastewater disposal companies as an energy-efficient, high-performance alternative to conventional systems.* “As a customized conveying solution, it is engineered to fulfill the requirements of the plant and parameterized on-site to optimize its power consumption,” says Stephan Mottyll.

* Currently not yet available in North and South America