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SEEPEX Inc. has partnered with the local Greenon High School InvenTeam to provide guidance and support on their project to decrease the amount of debris in the Mad River and its tributaries. The team of 12 students and 5 teachers are participants in the highly selective Lemelson-MIT Program’s InvenTeam initiative.

The team plans to develop an innovative netting system that can be used to cover the end of drain pipes which dump storm water, and currently other debris, directly into the local waterways. The netting system must meet several of their goal requirements, which includes being animal-friendly, a manageable size, and allows for free flow of water while catching and retaining debris. The group is exploring various materials, forms of net construction, as well as anchoring systems to create a durable net system that would function as intended by the team.

Additionally, the team is developing a battery-powered device which would measure the amount of tension on the net, then remotely alert the team the net is approaching capacity and needs to be changed out.

The InvenTeam initiative relies on a collaborative approach to build problem-solving skills and foster creativity, which is essential to invent. SEEPEX Inc. will be providing guidance to the team and offering use of their facility for equipment and net testing.

Students were given a tour of the Enon, OH SEEPEX facility this week and were able to see first-hand the available testing equipment. They started to discuss their project with staff and how they will be able to test the different types of netting styles and materials to determine the best option for their project.

InvenTeams will display and discuss their prototypes with other teams and award winning inventors in June 2020 at EurekaFest in Washington D.C.

SEEPEX Inc. Teams Up with Local Greenon High School InvenTeam