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Top 100 Innovator Award 2020

SEEPEX is now the holder of the TOP 100 seal for exemplary innovation management.

"All things flow" - standing still is not an option: At SEEPEX, our company claim goes far beyond the manufacture of first-class high-tech pumps. With new developments such as the holistic "Digital Solutions” concept, we are leading the classical field of mechanical engineering into the future in a targeted manner. Now we can officially count ourselves among the nationwide innovation elite. On June 19 2020, we were awarded the "Top 100 Seal" for exemplary innovation management and above-average innovation successes.


The BCFH range has been awarded the EHEDG Type EL Class I certificate and therefore meets the highest cleaning and sterilization requirements.

Residue-free cleaning was confirmed by the EHEDG in-place cleanability test. If required, the pump can also be easily, without much effort, disassembled for maintenance using standard tools.

Rotor Joint Access + Drive Joint Access

Rotor Joint Access (RJA) and Drive Joint Access (DJA) are an intelligent maintenance concept for open hopper pumps.

On the one hand, RJA - a casing part that slides over the stator - allows quick and effortless access to the rotor-side joint for easy maintenance without dismantling the pressure branch or stator. On the other hand, the patented DJA solution allows easy access to the drive-side joint via a sliding joint casing mounted on rollers. The plug-in shaft and drive can thus be installed and removed within a few minutes without removing the feed hopper, screw conveyor or rotor-side joint. This drastically minimizes service work and maintenance downtimes for your pump. Moreover, openings for flushing allow easy cleaning.

Rotor Joint Access

The Rotor Joint Access allows quick and easy access to the rotor-side joint of open hopper pumps of the BTVE range.

A separate detachable casing can be shifted without dismantling the pressure branch or stator. This simplifies your servicing and drastically reduces maintenance downtimes of your pump.


Drive Joint Access (DJA) is an intelligent maintenance concept for open hopper pumps of the series BTVE (with solid auger screw) and BTHE (with ribbon auger screw).

The patented solution allows easy access to the drive-side joint. A detachable joint casing between the pump hopper and lantern mounted on rollers allows quick access. Mechanical seal, plug-in shaft and drive can be installed or removed within a few minutes, without removing the pump hopper, the auger feed screw or the rotor-side joint. Drainage plugs allow easy cleaning.

Just add water

SEEPEX supplies reliable pump technology for clean drinking water

In partnership with Design Outreach, SEEPEX is facilitating access to safe, clear drinking water and helping to satisfy one of the most fundamental needs of each and every human.

Digitalization of progressive cavity pumps

Experience future technologies with SEEPEX Digital Solutions

Find out more about our service apps for quick and easy maintenance, condition monitoring and advanced analyses for optimizing pump operation

Case Study

SEEPEX at Irish Distillers

50% more whiskey: Major productivity gain with no change in quality thanks to a SEEPEX pump solution for Irish Distillers - the largest producer of premium Irish whiskey 


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