Sludge conditioning
SEEPEX control system “SLCO” offers a solution designed to treat sewage sludge by conditioning and conveying dewatered sludge from centrifuges or belt filter presses. Dewatered sludge discharges directly into the open hopper of the SEEPEX BTI pump. Simultaneously, lime is fed into the pump hopper via a volumetric screw feeder and blended with the paddle shafts of the integrated bridge breaker. The multi-stage pump then conveys the conditioned sludge to a storage, composting or transportation facilities.
To ensure efficient and trouble-free operation of the entire system, process parameters need to be continually monitored, controlled and regulated. Upset and error messages must be acknowledged and evaluated. The SEEPEX “SLCO” control performs these functions with a PLC that has integrated visualization.


  • For the sterilization of sewage sludge and the processing of dewatered sludge into fertilizers or for safe disposal into landfills.


  • Sterilizes and stabilizes sludge
  • Adjustable lime metering based on the amount of sludge and level of treatment needed
  • Optimum mixing of hydrated or quick lime due to direct control of sludge level at the paddle shaft of the SEEPEX hopper pump with dry running protection TSE and dynamic temperature control
  • Control of exothermic reactions by monitoring sludge temperature
  • Optional feature: boundary layer injection based on system pressure for reducing pressure losses in long pipelines
  • Reduced consumption of lime and other additives

Technical Data

  • PLC with integrated TFT display
  • 24V DC maximum 20W
  • TFT display: 3.5 inch, 320 x 240 pixels, 262144 colors
  • Multilingual display
  • Keypad with 30 buttons
  • Protection class: front IP65 (NEMA 4)
  • Outer dimensions: 145x203x55 mm (HxWxD) (6”x8”x2”)
  • Various bus systems available