Control system DOCL

DOCL - Dosing control

Perfection through precision

When the flow rate matters: The SEEPEX dosing control system controls the volume pumped to achieve exact dosing or metering of the pumping medium. In this way, specified continuous volume flows can be introduced into the process or quantities can be filled. In both modes, the volume flow rate is measured by means of flow meters or a pulse emitter on the motor shaft.

Industrial digital transformation, why take the leap?

Decrease your total cost of ownership

Optimal protection

Thanks to tried and tested protective mechanisms against dry running and overpressure


Avoidance of overdosing or underdosing, and protection of pump and pump components


Simple integration into a higher-level process control system

Optimized processes

High dosing accuracy for consistent product quality

Versatile applications

For dosing and metering tasks in numerous sectors and applications, for a wide range of materials of almost all viscosities, with or without solid content

The universal basis

Standard Progressive Cavity Pumps

The N module forms the robust basis for all SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. It can pump low-viscosity to viscous media, with and without solids, and can be used in virtually all industries.

For big chunks

Open Hopper Pumps

SEEPEX open hopper pumps convey viscous to semi-solid products with low or no flowability. They are equipped with a feed hopper with a screw conveyor in order to optimally feed the product to the conveying elements.

To the exact drop

Metering Pumps

SEEPEX metering and dosing pumps are a range of precision pumps that have a metering accuracy of +/- 1%. The pumps are found in a variety of industrial and municipal applications and are especially suited for low pulsation delivery of low to viscous media as well as chemically aggressive media and media containing solids.

Absolutely clean

Food and Hygienic Pumps

In areas with sensitive hygienic requirements, cleanliness is a critical factor. SEEPEX food and hygienic pumps fulfill even the strictest hygiene requirements in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Poised to dive

Semi-Submersible Pumps

SEEPEX semi-submersible pumps empty barrels, pits, basins and containers – efficiently, thoroughly, and environmentally friendly.

The power pack

Wobble Pumps

Economical, space-saving, easy to maintain – SEEPEX wobble pumps with compact block design have a rotating unit with just one joint. They are made to “wobble” by a flexible stator fixed on one side.

Continuous ongoing development

Smart Conveying Technology

Faster maintenance, minimal maintenance downtime and drastically reduced life-cycle costs – these are all facilitated by Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) from SEEPEX.