Control system SLCL

SLCL - Dosing Control

Perfection through precision

Conditioning sewage sludge with SEEPEX: In sludge treatment, SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps convey dewatered sludge from centrifuges and belt filter presses. Lime is added to regulate the dry solids content. To ensure safer hygienization and long-term stabilization the SLCL dosing control regulates the optimum amount of lime and a perfect mixing.

Industrial digital transformation, why take the leap?

Decrease your total cost of ownership


Avoidance of overdosing or underdosing, an protection of pump and pump components

Optimized processes

Due to uniform lime dosing and thorough mixing

Optimal protection

Thanks to tried and tested protective mechanisms against dry running and overpressure


Simple integration into a higher-level process control system