Semi-Submersible Pump

E Semi-Submersible Pump


SEEPEX semi-submersible pumps drain full containers, basins and barrels. They convey abrasive or corrosive conveying products with low to high viscosity. Individually sized and designed for the application, they are easy to maintain and have low operating costs. Overall, our semi-submersible pumps are a cost-effective alternative to other pump systems.

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Key Facts
Conveying Capacity
30 l/h - 300 m³/h
0.132 - 1,320 USGPM
up to 12 bar
175 psi
Properties & Benefits
  • Low pulsation, uniform flow
  • Variable submersible depths
  • Increases the available NPSH value (Net Positive Suction Head)
Semi-Submersible Pump
Semi-Submersible Pump
Semi-Submersible Pump
Semi-Submersible Pump
  • Tie bolts/screws

    corrosion proof, optionally available in stainless steel design.

  • Rotor

    wear resistant and corrosion-proof materials, with additional surface treatment.

  • Stator

    the seal on both ends is moulded as an integral part of the elastomeric stator; corrosion of the stator tube is never a problem because the pumped liquid never comes into contact with the metal tube or the bonding adhesive.

  • Universal joint sleeve with holding bands

    protects the grease-filled joints from penetration of the liquid pumped, even in case of maximum pressure loading. Streamlined design to reduce turbulence and NPSHr. Joint connection consisting of just 5 components. Power transmission through wear resistant, hardened and replaceable joint parts: easily repaired.

  • Intermediate housing

    for quick assembly of rotor and stator used for submersible depths above 3 m (10ft).

  • Pressure casing

    with connections for pressure/vacuum gauge and mounting plate for fixing the pump. Flange connections in DIN or ANSI. Length according to customers specification.

  • Coupling rod

    for power transmission; improved design.

  • Shaft Sealing

    single-acting mechanical seal, independent of direction of rotation, with quench and supply tank (78 cm3–4 l) to protect the sliding surface against dry running.

  • Plug-in shaft

    connects the drive shaft to the joint.

  • Plug-in shaft connection

    for easy dismantling of the pump and drive enabling quick replacement of the rotating parts and shaft seals. The plugin shaft pin secures the shaft connection to the drive and the splash ring protects the bearing from contamination / gland leakage.

  • Lantern

    for connection of pump and drive.

  • Drive

    geared motors, variable speed drives or hydraulic motors of all major manufacturers, directly flanged to the pump without additional couplings or guards.


BE Range
BE Range
  • For draining basins, swamps, tanks, pits and containers of every kind
  • Conveying capacity: 30 l/h – 300 m³/h (0.132 USGPM – 1,320 USGPM)
  • Pressure: up to 12 bar (175 psi) and higher (on request)
  • 4 semi-submersible variants: crane suspension, wall mounting, and mounting plate with pressure branch on top and bottom