BW Range

BW Range

SEEPEX BW range pumps are easy to handle and extremely economical. In contrast to conventional progressive cavity pumps the BW pumps only have one joint.

Drives & Base Plates Shaft Seals

Conveying Medias

  • For liquids of all viscosities, even with solids


  • Conveying capacity: up to 10 m³/h (44 USGPM)
  • Pressure: up to 4 bar (60 PSI)
  • Flexible stator secured on one side without a steel jacket
  • Short, compact design with directly flange-mounted drive (block type)
  • Rotating unit with only one joint


  • Cost-effective: only one joint
  • Maintenance-friendly: reduced downtimes when exchanging spare parts
  • Space-saving: drive is flange-mounted directly onto the pump

Base plate B with geared motor

Line drawing of a SEEPEX baseplate for B geared pumps

Shaft Seals

  • Design with elastomer bellows, metal springs or spring packs
  • Independent of direction of rotation, balanced/unbalanced
  • Disengaging device
  • Food grade design with FDA materials
  • Quench design as an option
SEEPEX Single acting mechanical seal
Conveying Material

from low to high viscosity, with or without solids, abrasive, crystallizing

Pressure Range
-0.15 - +25 bar
-2.2 - +363 psi