Smart Air Injection


Smart Air Injection (SAI) is a customized package unit with many varied applications. The innovative combination of progressive cavity pump and compressed air conveying results in a low-pressure level in the conveying pipeline. This results in significantly reduced operational costs and an extended service life.

The Smart Air Injection easily masters long transport distances of up to 1000 meters, flexible overcoming of changes in direction and coping with differences in height. The combination with our Easy Maintenance Solution "Smart Conveying Techology" allows the rotor and stator to be changed easily, even when space is limited.

Sewage treatment plants

Long distance pumping

In the environmental sector, SAI transports sewage sludge up to 1,000 meters by means of compressed air and lubricant injections. This allows the sludge to be transported easily and with particularly low friction and thus energy-efficiently.

Breweries and distilleries

The impulse for pilsner and grain

In the food industry especially in breweries and distilleries, SAI conveys hop and malt spent grains by means of controlled, compressed air pulses.