Healthy All-Around

Gentle Conveyance of Vitamin Properties

Firm or juicy, with a stone, pit, or seeds or without, in a protective skin or ready to eat: Each type of fruit and vegetable has its own requirements for processing. This also includes conveying, which requires very sophisticated technology - under absolutely hygienic conditions, depending on the process step.

In addition to conveying salads, in a manner that is as gentle on nutrients as possible, fruits and vegetables often have to be chopped up for further processing. To avoid oxidation, the exposure to oxygen during processing must be kept as low as possible. Components such as fruit stones, pits and skins should also be smoothly pumped and green waste reduced.

Ideal for Any Variety

From nutrient preserving and handling, to shredding and dosing for further processing and reduced green waste: SEEPEX offers the optimal solution for every process step in fruit and vegetable processing.

SEEPEX pumps from the CS range are designed and certified according to the EHEDG and the US 3A Sanitary Standards. They convey smaller fruits and berries, fruit purees or concentrates hygienically, with low pulsation and minimal shear - and are therefore particularly gentle on nutrients. Additives such as enzymes and flavors can be metered extremely precisely with SEEPEX MD pumps and the SDP smart dosing control system.

BTM hopper pumps can perform two tasks simultaneously: macerating and conveying. This minimizes undesirable oxidation influences and additionally helps to reduce investment and operating costs. Macerating can also reduce the waste volume and the disposal costs. 

SEEPEX Products in Fruit and
Vegetable Processing

Transport of cutting and production waste

Effortless removal of peels, fruit stones, pits, seeds, stalks, etc.

Dosing of enzymes and flavors

To refine the taste of juices and smoothies

Conveyance of whole pieces or purée

For different consistencies in smoothies

Oxidation-free conveyance

Avoidance of unattractive discoloration on delicate fruit

Maceration of waste

Reduction of volume by up to 60% resulting in lower disposal costs

Can handle even delicate fruit - SEEPEX food pumps

A fruitful partnership
Innovative recipe and high quality products

"When we began developing our new Drayton manufacturing unit, to handle the coleslaw and potato salad arm of our business, we needed a reliable partner to engineer a bespoke automated waste handling system, capable of processing both organic and non-organic waste streams. SEEPEX’s solution has delivered on its promises to reduce costs, reduce labor, keep our manufacturing area clean, tidy and compliant, and keep our operatives safe"

Andy Mays, Engineering Manager
Natures Way Foods