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Optimum Performance From Both Man And Machine

Almost 71% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. It is therefore not surprising that a large part of today's known oil resources are located under the seas. In fact, the proportion of crude oil and gas extracted 'offshore' fluctuates around 1/3 of the global oil production.

As offshore oil exploration and extraction move to further extremities, the requirements that are placed on the equipment to operate in these conditions become tougher and more demanding.

Long, Round-the-clock Shifts For Seepex Pumps

Offshore exploration uses a variety of oil rigs including jack-up, submersible or semi-submersible whilst production has tension leg and spar platforms, and floating production storage and offloading units (FPSO). All of which have similar processes but unique requirements depending on location.

Drilling waste has to be managed, produced water treated, reject oil handled, sewage treated and removed, MEG processed, open and closed drains and caissons emptied, condensate and crude oil transferred.

SEEPEX pumps offer the perfect solution for round-the-clock operation at remote offshore locations where products need to be handled with low shear, minimal pulsation, high solids content, and under extreme process conditions involving low NPSHa, high inlet pressures and liquids with varying gas content.

SEEPEX Pumps for Offshore Oil and Gas Extraction

Drilling Waste Management And Cuttings Transfer

SEEPEX pumps are utilized for feeding decanter centrifuges, vertical dryers and other processing equipment with minimal shear and pulsation, as well as transporting heavy cuttings or cleaning mud pits.

Produced Water Treatment

Feeding the oil/water mixtures without damaging the oil droplet into induced gas flotation units, de-oiling hydrocylones are examples where SEEPEX low shear pumps are used.

Sewage Removal And Treatment

SEEPEX pump ranges are used in a variety of different applications to handle sewage and waste water.

Versatile Open And Closed Drains Pumps

The flexible SEEPEX pump range enables engineered solutions with conventional, semi-submersible or canned pumps to overcome challenges associated with space restrictions and low NPSHa requirements.

Sump And Caisson Emptying

SEEPEX low shear, semi-submersible vertical pumps handle low to highly viscous products with entrained solids from sumps while fully submersible pump from caissons at a depth of 30 m and transfer them for separation.


SEEPEX offers engineered solutions for FPSOs handling products with low shear, minimal pulsation, high solids, and under extreme process conditions involving low NPSHa, high inlet pressures and liquids with varying gas content.

Meg Reclamation

The ability to work under extremely low NPSH conditions and handle highly viscous products with entrained solids makes SEEPEX pumps ideal to separate MEG from impurities and restore the required glycol purity.