From Sensitive to Demanding:

Media with Special Properties

High quality requirements, modern high-tech materials, new active ingredients or dosage forms and constant technological progress - the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries must ensure the highest standards in their processes: from impeccable hygiene to very precise dosing. For this purpose, shear-sensitive cosmetic products such as creams and lotions require gentle, low-pulsation conveying.

It is also important to avoid unplanned downtime in the production chain. Since production downtimes or product rejects caused by necessary repair and maintenance work can quickly become very expensive.

Hygienic, Safe, Reliable

With their particularly hygienic design and innovative low-maintenance construction, SEEPEX pumps meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The CS product family is certified according to international hygienic design guidelines such as the EHEDG and the US 3A Sanitary Standards. Flow-optimized components with virtually no dead space and a high surface quality enable residue-free removal of any media residues potentially remaining in the pump using cleaning processes such as Clean in Place (CIP) or Sterilization in Place (SIP).

The gentle and low-pulsation conveying principle of SEEPEX pumps also preserves the texture of the products that are being processed. In addition, MDC hygienic pumps enable very precise dosing and portioning, allowing expensive substances to be added or filled to the exact drop. 


SEEPEX Pumps in The Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Conveyance of creams and lotions as well as cutting and production wastes

Effortless transport of viscous, non-self-flowing products

Precise dosing of additives

Precise measurement of the valuable and often vital pharmaceuticals

From additives to creams and lotions to perfume - SEEPEX pumps convey many media in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry