Subzero Temperatures As A Challenge

Tight Time Slots But Safe

The aviation industry is under upward cost pressure. Fuel price fluctuations are only one of the drivers forcing the industry to seek fuel efficiency increases and improve aerodynamic performance of new aircrafts.

Composite materials such as carbon fiber are used in the production of aircraft components such as wings as they are lighter than similar parts made of aluminium. Over the lifetime of an aircraft, lighter weight can translate in significant savings.

Aircrafts are not allowed to take off until they have been de-iced, which can extend waiting times and costs, especially in sub-zero temperatures. Pumps are required to work reliably in all weather conditions and deliver the required quantities at the right pressure during the de-icing process within the available timeframe.



Pumps For Smooth Air Traffic

Our low shear progressive cavity pumps are used to handle the aggressive de-icing mixture whose key ingredient, glycol, is highly shear-sensitive.

The de-icing agents are supplied in drums and tanks as a concentrate or aqueous solution and emptied with submersible pumps from our E range which can be adapted to specific drum or tank depths.

SEEPEX pumps from the BN range are used to transfer the de-icing fluid from storage tanks into de-icing vehicles before being sprayed onto the aircraft. Their compact design overcomes space restrictions.

For disposal and recycling, MD range metering pumps add chemicals with a high accuracy of +/- 1% and low pulsation.



SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps In The Aviation Industry

Airport Wastewater Treatment

Our pumps and macerators are used in various stages in the wastewater treatment process.

Aircraft Wing Manufacturing

Our BN range pumps are used to handle polymer slurry, solvents and dope in the production of aircraft-grade precursor carbon fibre for the manufacture of aircraft wings.


Semisubmersible pumps and Standard pumps of range N are used for transport the shear-sensitive glycol to the de-icing stations.