Only the Best:

From Fruit to Bottle

Whether wine or fruit juice: In addition to vines and fruit from good locations, ideal soil and sound know-how, technical equipment also plays a decisive role in achieving an excellent end product.

Not only is nutrient-friendly conveying required in wine press houses, but so are pumps that can process even whole pieces of fruit with as little oxidation as possible. Particularly during winemaking, it is important to process the grape mash and must as gently as possible -with as little influence of shear forces as possible - so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. To produce cider and fruit juice, the fruit must first be crushed to prepare it for the subsequent process steps and to achieve the highest possible juice yield.

At the end of all the pressing processes, the precious drops must finally be bottled to the exact milliliter. In addition, the resulting residual products with a low moisture content, such as pomace, must be conveyed for further processing steps or for disposal.

Experts for Wine and Juice

EHEDG- and 3-A-compliant SEEPEX products are designed for almost all conveying tasks in wine press houses. Our pumps from the BCSB range have a pump housing that is largely free of dead space and can therefore be cleaned easily and almost without leaving residues - for the BCFH series, this is even documented by EHEDG certification. They meet the highest hygiene requirements and also guarantee low pulsation and therefore offer particularly gentle processing with very little shearing effect on the conveyed product.

T pumps equipped with an intake hopper and feed screw are suitable for conveying low- to high-viscosity media that may also contain solids, such as mash, must, grapes, berries or fruit and pomace. BTM pumps are additionally equipped with integrated cutting tools. They allow fruits to be crushed and conveyed in only one unit. For minimized investment costs and maximized product quality thanks to reduced oxidation.

Another advantage: the robust design, high availability and ease of maintenance of SEEPEX pumps.

SEEPEX Pumps in The Wine Industry and Juice Production

Transport of viscous byproducts

Reliable conveying of mash, must, pomace or wine lees

Dosing of enzymes and flavors

To refine the taste of juices and smoothies, for example

Conveyance of whole pieces or purée

Intact transport of the product from the destemmer to the fermentation tanks

Oxidation-free conveyance

Prevention of discoloration of fruit

Maceration of waste

Reduction of the volume by up to 60%