State of the art pumping technology:

Up and downstream

Globalization and a growing world population are two mega trends which significantly affect the global energy demand, this together with a steady economic growth leads to increasing production levels of oil and gas, other energy sources and chemicals. In this global pursuit for energy the oil and gas industry places some of the toughest demands on its equipment and suppliers and needs to fulfil high global standards. Renewable energies have become a sensible alternative to dwindling fossil fuels and fulfill expertise and exceptional technical and economical conveying solutions.

Unique solutions for global standards

These demanding requirements for upstream and downstream exploration and production are fully met by SEEPEX pumps.

The robust, versatile, intelligent and easy to maintain progressive cavity pumping technology fulfils the exacting requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and is used in many applications such as: LACT transfer, crude oil extraction and transfer, multi-phase pumping, drilling fluids and cuttings waste, open and closed drains transfer, flare knock out drum drains, produce water, oil/water separation, condensate, MEG reclamation, polymer injection for EOR, CBM, etc. Furthermore they are used in other energy sectors for the production of bioenergy from organic waste, biodiesel, bioethanol or biogas as well as wind, hydro or solar power.

Our Products for the Oil, Gas,
Chemicals and Energy Industry