From the Beet to The Sugar Crystal:

Excellent Solutions From SEEPEX

Sugar is an integral part of our everyday lives: Whether in coffee, confectionery, beverages, bakery products or even in the pharmaceutical industry - the demand adds up to a global annual production volume of around 175 million tons.

Chemically, there is no difference between sugar obtained from sugar beet and sugar cane. The production steps in the manufacture and extraction of the sugar crystals are also almost identical. The sugar is removed from the plant cells with water before the foreign substances are removed from the raw juice by adding lime milk, and then the juice is thickened. During thickening, the increasingly viscous juice is repeatedly pumped through the extraction tower at approx. 70 °C. Finally, a golden-yellow syrupy mass is formed, which contains the sugar crystals that are dissolved in centrifuges during the final spinning.

In the Sugar Factory

Excellent Solutions From SEEPEX

SEEPEX pumps perform impressively in the many process steps of sugar production, as they can convey highly viscous, hot media in a pressure-stable, reliable and low-pulsation manner with high dosing accuracy. For example, they are ideal for juice purification, extraction, thickening and in crystallization.

Pumps from the product family N are used when the viscous juice has to be transported further. However, they are also used in the field of wastewater treatment for conveying beet soil from the settling tank or molasses from the centrifuges. D range pumps complete the portfolio and add, for example, lime milk for the metered liming of the raw juice.

All SEEPEX pumps are highly reliable and easy to maintain, thus ensuring maximum performance in sugar production.

SEEPEX Pumps in The Sugar Industry

Transport of viscous products

Effortless conveyance of molasses, syrup, mash etc.

Dosing of lime milk

For the production of carbolime for carbonization

Conveying solids

Easy transport of beet soil for wastewater treatment or bagasse

Gentle conveyance

Natural ingredients are preserved

Sticky consistency, solid contents and high viscosity are no problem for SEEPEX pumps when used in sugar production