To protect the environment:

Rediscovering the natural cycle

Temperatures are rising and weather phenomena are increasing. Climate change is making us focus even more on the environment. The environmental industry, but also the mining industry, have had to modernize in recent decades.

With the help of chemical, biological and mechanical processes, modern treatment of wastewater enables the restoration of natural water quality. State-of-the-art wastewater pump and mining pump technology also stands for gentle processes in the extraction and treatment of raw materials.




Energy-efficient resource processing with SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps

Our wastewater pumps are used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants for energy-efficient pumping of both primary and secondary sludge as well as thickened and dewatered sewage sludge, and for metering chemicals for water treatment. Primarily used for neutralization, separation of liquids and solids, reduction of organic pollutants, and removal of nitrogen and phosphate.

Thanks to a robust design and low wear, SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps can be used even with highly abrasive raw material slurries. They absolutely reliably convey raw minerals with variable densities. The metering of expensive chemicals and additives for further processing of the raw materials is extremely accurate and thus budget-friendly.



Our Products for the Environmental and Mining Industry