he SEEPEX Shop can be used to order original SEEPEX parts conveniently and quickly, anytime and from anywhere. Next to an extensive selection of components for your progressive cavity pumps, the shop also offers important information such as parts lists, sectional drawings, prices, and delivery times. It can be easily accessed via the browser.


Industrial digital transformation, why take the leap?



Convenient and fast
Fast ordering without research effort thanks to up-to-date spare parts lists and preconfigured spare parts packages based on the SEEPEX commission number.
Reachable everywhere
Always open and accessible from all platforms - whether from the PC on your desk, or on-site with the tablet or smartphone.
Tailored to your needs
Whether you want to place a direct order or request a quotation within seconds to import it into internal processes - our shop offers you the interface you need.
Insight into all your orders including delivery status regardless of the respective ordering method (online, by phone or by email).