Mining and Mineral Processing

Underground and Above Ground Processes

Energy intensive mining

For modern communication technologies

Mining of precious metals for onward processing e.g. for the production of mobile devices as well as traditional fossil fuel for heat and energy production are popular in countries such as Australia, Canada, South America, Russia and China to name but a few. In Europe extraction is declining, but pits have to be constantly dewatered.

No matter whether underground or above ground: SEEPEX-pumps can be used in every mining process. These can be pit dewatering to stop flooding, slurry management to remove excess water from the processing plant, chemical addatives for precious metal extraction, maintenance bays for heavy equipment servicing. Finally wastewater management for the mine camps that house the mining crews in remote locations.

Robust solutions for abrasive materials

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are used extensively in the Mining industry globally. Standard pumps, of product group N are used for transfer of liquids. Open hopper pumps for high dry solid slurries. Even sludges with varying densities can be transported effortlessly. Dosing pumps of product group D, are used for accurate chemical dosing of expensive chemicals.

Due to their particularly high wear resistance, even highly abrasive materials can be conveyed well. Pumps can mounted on simple baseplates with various gearbox and motor combinations or on engineered skids that can optionally include solids control hoppers, discharge pipework and non return valves for safe operation.

SEEPEX Pumps In The Mining Industry

Raw material extraction

Even multiphase raw materials can be easily extracted

Separation processes

Slurries amd sludges are freed from excess water and transported further.

Finishing processes

Chemical additives are precisely dosed and added down to the exact drop.

Mine dewatering

SEEPEX pumps prevent mine flooding

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater at production sites is reliably pumped out and treated.

Standard, hopper and metering pumps are used in almost all process steps, both underground and above ground.