Surface Protection And Finishing

With Highly Corrosive Media

In the plating industry, a metallic layer is applied to an object’s surface to inhibit corrosion as well as to improve wear and solderability through electroplating. This has multiple applications across industries: galvanising rain gutters and steel structures, plating cutlery and in production of electronic parts. This industry produces wastewater contaminated with oil, grease, chemicals and metal, which must be treated and reliably pumped.



Exact Metering Of Chemicals

Various chemicals are accurately metered from storage tanks to the production line or wastewater treatment facility using SEEPEX MD range pumps which have a high accuracy of +/-1 % and minimal pulsation.

Our standard pumps from the BN range are used to transfer media ranging from oily water mixtures to electroplating sludge. This sludge accumulates as a waste product during production and has to be pumped and processed for later disposal or recovery.



SEEPEX Pumps for the Plating Industry


For the cleaning and degreasing of surfaces, our pumps are used to convey alkalis and surfactants.




Highly corrosive polymer solutions are pumped into the basins.



Wastewater Treatment

Viscous and abrasive sludge resulting from the production are efficiently disposed using standard pumps from the BN range or, for highly viscous non-flowable products, by open hopper pumps of the T range.