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Strict Guidelines - Increased Environmental Protection

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Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment is subject to strict environmental legislation which are regularly reviewed and updated on a global level. In order to meet legislation and ensure ongoing compliance our customers are always looking for innovative solutions to their challenges that can improve up-time, minimise  downtime and play a big role in energy and chemical reduction, whilst at the same time maximise  the plant’s output.

Innovative Pump Technologies - Smart Solutions for Predictive Maintenance

SEEPEX supports the purification and clarification of wastewater with state-of-the-art wastewater pump technology. These pumps can be used in sludge dewatering, sludge drying and incineration, sludge treatment and mixing, or optimized digestion processes. Thus, they can contribute to much more efficient, cost-reduced and simplified processes.

SEEPEX wastewater pumps are particularly economical, as they convey highly dewatered sludges with virtually no restrictions on viscosities or abrasive materials. Slurries with dry matter contents of up to 45% are transported effortlessly.

Our standard wastewater pumps are robust all-rounders that can be used to reliably pump on primary sludges or thickened sludges. For discharge from thickeners or silos, our hopper wastewater pumps (optionally with screws and blades) are suitable for conveying dry masses onward without disruptive bridging.

With intelligent maintenance concepts, we want to help our customers in the wastewater industry to carry out their activities quickly and easily, thus saving time and operating costs in the long term.


SEEPEX - Pumps for Wastewater Treatment


After sludge treatment, sludge volume is reduced by various dewatering methods with the end result being a product with a dry solids content of 18 – 45 %. The physical characteristics of the sludge can vary significantly, it is therefore essential that the dewatered sludge handling system selected has the flexibility to handle these demands.

SEEPEX specializes in handling highly-viscous, non-flowable products and finding the most economical solution for the most challenging applications.

  • Some sample applications:

BN range pumps fill dewatering systems.
Extensive T range of pumps for conveying dewatered sludge.
M range macerators eliminate rags, homogenize the sludge and reduces the size of any solids present.
Boundary layer injection systems to reduce pipework friction loss in order to optimize operational costs.
Control systems to either enhance the feeding of dewatering devices or optimize the handling of dewatered sludge.


Sludge drying and incineration centers process sludge from external sources. Depending on the source, the imported sludge can be raw, biological, mixed or digested. As a result, the pumping systems are faced with arduous and diverse requirements.

SEEPEX offers sludge cake pumping systems that are designed to integrate perfectly with each specific application.

  • Some sample applications:

BTHE, BTE or BTI range pumps convey dewatered or imported sludge into silos for temporary storage.
BTES or BTEI range pumps convey dewatered sludge from silos and the intermediate storage to dryers or incinerators.


SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps and macerators offer the best conveying solutions in all areas of wastewater disposal and sludge treatment. With SEEPEX technology, the sludge is efficiently pumped into thickening and dewatering machines, optimally preparing it for further processing such as drying, incineration, thermal hydrolysis or biogas generation.

  • Some sample applications:

BN range pumps convey primary and secondary sludge to the thickener and dewatering device.
BN, BTQ and BT range pumps convey the thickened sludge to the digester.
T range pumps for back mixing dewatered sludge to a thickened sludge for onward processing.
T range pumps and associated controls for handling dewatered sludge.
M range macerators shred the solid and fibrous components often encountered within this industry.


SEEPEX pumps convey and mix sludge from different sources, regardless of their initial dry solids content. Our pump’s mixing and dosing abilities provide further process options for the sludge and set the required dry solids content.

  • Some sample applications:

BTHE range pumps convey sludge with a dry solids content of 18-35% for temporary storage.
BTE, BTES range pumps back mix dewatered sludge to a thickened sludge to the correct dry solids concentration for further processing.
SEEPEX SCT pumps pump liquid sludge into the SEEPEX mixer pump.
The CO product group control systems monitor the boundary layer injection, hopper level and pressure control and/or dry-running protection device (TSE).


Anaerobic digestion is a proven process for breaking down organic substances and generating biogas. Advanced digestion using thermal hydrolysis intensifies sludge digestion by significantly improving decomposition. It generates higher biogas generation, a higher level of sterilization and the volume of sludge produced after dewatering is reduced; However, the thermal hydrolysis process changes the sludge properties, imposing significant requirements on the pump and materials.

SEEPEX develops tailor-made systems to meet the high demands in this type of process technology.

  • Some sample applications:

BTHE range open hopper pumps mix dewatered sludge to feed a thermal hydrolysis system.
BN range pumps convey hot sludge from the pulper to the hydrolysis reactor and digester.
BTHE range open hopper pumps convey "class A sludge" that is in accordance with US directives on pathogenic kill.


Organic and inorganic additives are added to bring about various biological and mechanical processes in wastewater treatment. Precise metering and high safety levels are crucial, particularly when working with viscous, corrosive and abrasive additives.

Some sample applications:

MD/MDF range pumps convey and meter flocculating agents e.g. synthetic polymer or copolymer and ferric salts which improve the separation of wastewater sludge.
BN/MD range pumps meter hypochlorite for disinfection.
BN range pumps meter chemicals for pH correction e.g. lime milk

SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Wastewater Pumps are highly reliable assets for all process steps within Wastewater Treatment Works.

High reliability for Copenhagen's wastewater system
"In the long term, we are even questioning if we need "duty stand-by pumps". That's how satisfied we are with the maintainability of the SEEPEX SCT wastewater pump." 

Torsten Lauersen Vig, Maintenance Manager
BIOFOS Lynetten