With Respect for The Product:

Strict Principles Throughout the Process

The production of meat and poultry products is subject to strict laws and hygiene regulations that require absolutely hygienic and flawless processing. Cultural, religious or regional needs can also place very specific demands on production conditions.

Solids such as tendons and bones, varying consistencies of minced meat or offal, a wide range of temperatures that must be maintained, and protein-based ingredients that have a tendency to form deposits become a real challenge for hygienic conveying. Particularly gentle processes are also required to preserve the original texture of the product as much as possible. The disposal and further processing of organic waste must also meet strict requirements - for example, to avoid cross-contamination or minimize odor nuisance.

Hygienic, Gentle, Environmentally Friendly

With their particularly gentle, hygienic conveying principle, pumps from the CS range are the optimal solution for meat and poultry processing. They are certified according to international hygienic design guidelines such as the EHEDG and US 3A Sanitary Standards and can be cleaned without leaving residues by cleaning procedures such as Clean in Place or Sterilization in Place. Sensitive products such as marinated pieces of meat as well as blood or lunch meat can be conveyed gently and with low pulsation. In addition, they impress with the precise dosing of brines, marinades and spice mixtures.

SEEPEX hopper pumps are mainly used in the processing of secondary products. Any solids, such as pieces of skin or bone, cartilage poultry parts or offal, can be easily conveyed along with it. BTM range pumps with integrated cutting tools shred by-products such as poultry carcasses. SEEPEX macerators enable even finer product disintegration leading to volume reduction. Odor nuisance can be largely avoided by pumping through closed pipelines. This is how SEEPEX supports the meat and poultry industry in environmentally sound, economical waste disposal.

SEEPEX Pumps in Meat and
Poultry Processing

Transport of cutting and production waste

Reliable removal of carcasses, skins or other wastes

Conveyance of whole parts or pieces

From small parts up to the size of chickens

Maceration of waste

Reduction of the volume by up to 60% for further use as animal feed

SEEPEX supplies hygienic conveying solutions for many processes in the meat and poultry processing industry