Keeping your finger on the pulse of time: ACHEMA Pulse

Keeping your finger on the pulse of time: SEEPEX will be presenting its innovative 4.0 High Technology at the online event of the world's leading trade fair for the international process industry on June 15 and 16. Due to the pandemic, “ACHEMA Pulse 2021” will be held in a virtual form this year. Live on screen, in addition to the products, SEEPEX experts will also be giving presentations on new solutions and developments.

Their first contribution to the Exhibitor Panel starts on June 15 at 10:30 a.m. with a joint presentation together with Phoenix Contact on the topic of “Smart Automation: First Available Dosing Module with MTP for Modular Production”. At 2 p.m. on the same day follows a panel discussing “NOA-enabled Digital Maintenance and Optimization of Progressive Cavity Pumps”. And on the second ACHEMA day, June 16 at 10:30 a.m., SEEPEX will be presenting “SCT AutoAdjust – The first automated and digital progressive cavity pump...” in another panel.

Both speakers – Dr. Christian Brehm and Dr. Fabian Poehl – are “Global Product Managers” and have played leading roles throughout the years in developing the products being presented at the online trade fair:


SEEPEX SCT AutoAdjust:

In keeping with the motto, “It’s all about the perfect fit.” the company recently launched the first automated progressive cavity pump on the market. With the SCT AutoAdjust, the stator is retensioned remotely and automatically via a hydraulic unit. The newly developed premium model range therefore makes working on the pump much easier, while enabling maximum energy savings and “the shortest, fastest and easiest maintenance work ever”.The SCT AutoAdjust can be combined with condition monitoring systems, such as SEEPEX Connected Services, to measure the pump’s performance and optimize it for longevity and energy savings.


MTP module for dosing applications:

Pump modules can be integrated into the management and controlling system as easily as installing a printer with the help of a printer driver. The SEEPEX “Smart Dosing Pump (SDP)” module combines a progressive cavity pump with additional sensors for the flow rate, temperature and pressure, as well as an integrated control logic for the highly accurate control of all components. It is a so called “package unit” that implements an independent part of the process. When supplemented by the MTP (Module Type Package), this enables easy integration into higher-level systems at the process control level. Therefore, instead of individual control steps, various services such as “dosing”, “mixing” or “filling” of the module are used.


Condition monitoring based on NOA:

The condition monitoring of SEEPEX follows the NOA approach of a second channel for communicating non-control-relevant additional information for the maintenance and optimization (M&O) of pump operation. A Pump Monitor serves as a gateway for this second channel. In the in-house cloud solution, monitoring and analysis functions can thus be used for the optimization of pump operation.

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