SEEPEX Launches NEW BRAVO H Chemical Metering System

The SEEPEX Smart Air Injection (SAI) system is bringing energy savings to breweries across the globe. The system, originally developed for cake pumping in the environmental market, is expanding into other applications. Breweries have shown proven success using the technology to convey spent grain with vast energy savings compared to other technologies.

SAI uses short, pneumatic pulses of compressed air to convey huge, compact plugs of spent grain to silos or storage tanks. It combines a progressive cavity pump with a compressor for dense phase pneumatic conveying. The system has the ability to handle media with a variable moisture content of 60-85%.

Conventional methods of spent grain conveyance have included the use of pneumatic conveying systems. These systems require a continuous supply of uncontrolled, compressed air. The SAI system’s ability to produce short, compressed air pulses requires considerably less compressed air, resulting in tremendous energy savings.

According to Dr. Ing. Stephan Mottyll, Product Manager at SEEPEX, “Short, compressed air pulses at greater intervals easily convey long plugs of spent grain. Compared to old pneumatic tube systems, the compressed air consumption can drop by as much as 80%.”

The system is easy to integrate into existing automation and control systems and reduces the amount of time and energy required for spent grain conveyance, all impacting a brewery’s bottom line.

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