A Changing Industry

New Technologies With Higher Costs

The automotive industry is under enormous pressure as it transitions from internal combustion to alternative technologies. With e-mobility, car production costs will remain higher than combustion engine models for years, leading manufacturers on a quest for cost reductions to remain competitive. Adopting reliable and energy efficient pumping technology to reliably convey viscous media on production lines is a key step to reducing their operating costs.



Glossy Vehicles

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are ideally suited to convey and meter thin to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media in processes such as coating automobile surfaces for corrosion protection and final surface finishing of the vehicles.

In battery production, SEEPEX offers progressive cavity pumps to convey binders, additives and active solutions. Additionally highly engineered trolley mounted pump skids are also supplied for the efficient production of electrode pastes.

Dosing pumps from our D range are used to transfer media such as sealants, resins and protective agents during the painting and varnishing process due to their high metering accuracy of +/- 1% and steady flow with minimal pulsation. Our Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) comes as a ‘package unit’ with an integrated programmable control system for complex metering tasks delivering high precision and repeatability, and can be easily integrated into high level automation systems thanks to its modular build.

With SEEPEX intelligent maintenance innovations, pumps can be serviced without being completely dismantled. Our digital solutions enable predictive and forward planned maintenance. Together with our application expertise, these solutions deliver process optimization, improved equipment and plant efficiency while supporting the Just-in-Time philosophy widely adopted by this industry.



SEEPEX Pumps for the Automotive Industry

Metering Paint And Varnish

Thin to highly viscous paints are evenly pumped to the spray nozzles with minimal pulsation with our standard pumps from the N range.




Hot wax to protect the vehicle body and its parts from corrosion is pumped to the paint lines. Reliable emptying of the containers and drums is achieved with our flexible semi-submersible E range pumps.



Production Of Electrode Paste For Battery Production

D range metering pumps ensure exact dosing of chemicals to achieve an homogeneous coating of the electrodes, maintaining quality and minimising defects in the conductor foils.



Car Wash

Pumps from our N range are used for pulsation-free handling of detergents.



Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater is reliably handled throughout the treatment process with our standard N range pumps or, for highly viscous non-flowable products, by open hopper T range pumps.



SEEPEX pumps are ideally suited for battery production and for dosing varnish.