Economical Conveyance

The Right Solution for Every Beverage

From beer to malt drinks and non-alcoholic beer to spirits: The brewing and spirits industry offers its customers a wide range of products. Whether with or without alcohol or the production of millions of hectoliters down to a few thousand liters a year - the taste should always be consistent, unmistakable and of outstanding quality.

At the same time, brewmasters and distillers have to keep an eye on factors such as operating costs, efficiency, process stability as well as plant availability and productivity - in short: the most economical production possible with the highest possible quality.

Hygienic. Safe. Efficient

Raw product quality can only be maintained through extremely hygienic conveyance with the shear forces reduced to a minimum. In addition, additives such as yeast or flavors must be precisely metered and added at low pulsation rates. SEEPEX pumps from the CS and D range are primarily used for this purpose. 

Pumps of the N and T range, which convey rejected yeast for recovery, and our Smart Air Injection (SAI) system solution, which efficiently conveys hop and malt spent grains by means of controlled compressed air injections, ensure the most economical production possible. The intelligent pump technology therefore consumes only a fraction of the compressed air that would otherwise be required, saving up to 80% on energy costs. 

We also have the right solution when it comes to maintenance. Our Smart Conveying Technology speeds up the replacement of rotor and stator during maintenance by up to 85% - for an increase in production thanks to shorter downtimes.


SEEPEX Pumps for Breweries and Distilleries

Grain transport

Whether in raw form, as milled grains or mash

Dosing of hop extract, coloring and flavoring agents

Precise dosing and portioning

Compressed air delivery over distances of up to 1,000 meters

Conveying spent grains from hops and malt over long distances

Protection of temperature-sensitive media

For example, to maintain the quality of yeast

In use everywhere: from conveying spent grains and transporting mash to the dosing of hop extract and flavoring agents

Productivity growth
50 percent more spirit

"Thanks to SEEPEX, we actually increased our productivity by an additional 50 percent. 
So an already good partner has turned into long-term partner for us."

Tommy Keane, General Manager
Midleton Distilleries