Fast Moving Products

Costs And Sustainability

The textile industry is the second largest consumer goods sector in Europe and the USA, producing products for one the most competitive markets, supplying fast fashion to sustainable clothing to meet the different customer demands. Various chemicals, including natural additives, are added in the manufacturing of raw textiles both synthetic and natural. Manufacturers operate under high cost pressures to remain competitive.

From clothing, household to functional technical textiles for use in applications such as automotive industry and protective clothing, fabric selection and treatment are critical. Essential production processes include bleaching and dyeing as well as printing and coating, which require accurate dosing of chemicals and shear sensitive latex. Wastewater produced needs to be treated prior to disposal to comply with environmental legislation.



Economical Use Of Additives

SEEPEX pumps are the ideal choice in the textile industry for the treatment of yarns and fabrics due to their low shear and minimal pulsation pumping.

SEEPEX dosing pumps deliver with a high accuracy of +/- 1% and minimal pulsation, thin to highly viscous, aggressive and corrosive media, with or without solids. Our Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) with integrated control system offers complex continuous and batch dosing with high precision and repeatable accuracy, and can easily be integrated into high level automation systems thanks to its modular build.

Pumps of the MDF and BE ranges are designed as semi-submersible pumps and used to reliably empty drums of chemicals and dye. Due to variable submersible depths, the pumps can be custom-built to meet the exact dimensions of the drums. In addition, the pumps are easy to maintain and have low operating costs.



SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps for the textile industry


During the acid and bleaching pre-treatment, SEEPEX pumps meter alkalis and surfactants with a high accuracy of +/-1 % and low pulsation.




Natural and synthetic dyes are added to the treatment bath in the correct quantity using the metering pumps from SEEPEX D range.




Viscous media such as shear sensitive latex or PTA/PVC pastes are applied with precision using our pumps.




Our metering pumps apply impregnating agents, flame-retardants or biocides to enhance the properties of the textiles.



Wastewater Treatment

Process water and wastewater onsite are reliably transported for disposal by standard pumps from the N range or, for highly viscous non-flowable products, by open hopper pumps of the T range.