From the Tree Trunk to the Finished End Product

Sustainable, Ecological, Future-oriented

The economic utilisation of the raw material wood is the central task of wood processing. Due to the large number of products manufactured, it is one of the most technically demanding industries. Building materials, furniture, musical instruments, paper and cardboard are just some of the end products. Its use as firewood and supplier of bioenergy is also one of the most important forms of processing.
As a renewable raw material, wood is gaining more economic and ecological importance again. In order to survive in this competition, it is important to have economical processing methods and the highest product quality. This requires special, highly developed machines and techniques.
The production of particle- and fiberboard is particularly energy-intensive. In order to produce economically, the systems should therefore be designed to be particularly energy-efficient. This also applies to conveying solutions. The pump technologies must be precisely selected, taking into account the different coatings and finishes.

Innovative Pump Technology for Wood Processing

In wood processing, SEEPEX pumps offer many advantages due to their high energy efficiency, constant delivery volume, gentle conveying and high dosing accuracy. They are mainly used for the production of particle- and fiberboard or for the transport and dosing of additives such as stains, wood preservatives, varnishes, solvents and fillers. The N, D, E and W series are particularly suitable for this purpose.
The residues of the panel cuttings are returned to the production process. SEEPEX macerators have proven their worth in the processing or shredding of production waste.

Seepex Pumps in Wood Processing

Manufacturing Particle and Fiberrboards

SEEPEX pumps of the N, D, E and W series are used in the production of particle and fiberboards

Glue Dosing

Due to their high dosing accuracy, the N, D and E series are suitable for glue dosing.

Metering of Auxilaries

SEEPEX pumps of the N D and E series are used for dosing auxiliary materials such as stains, wood preservative varnishes, lacquers, solvents and filler.