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Further Processing Crude Oil And Gas

The petrochemical industry is the midstream process converting crude-oil and other fossil fuels such as natural gas into chemical compounds made of hydrocarbons. Petrochemical components are essential to the mineral oil, chemical and other industries such as cosmetics, mobile phone technology, transport, construction and textiles. These are used to produce a wide variety of everyday consumer and industrial products which are fundamentally shaping our modern way of life.

Versatile Solutions For Diverse Applications

Our flexible pump technology addresses the diverse range of application challenges in the petrochemical industry, offering installation flexibility whether horizontal, vertical, semi-submersible or in a can, as well as being able to operate under extremely low NPHSa. Our versatile pumps handle a wide range of viscosities, including non-flowable, with or without solids, abrasive and shear-sensitive media.

To enable further processing the large hydrocarbon molecules of crude oil and gas need to be broken up into smaller compounds. One method is ‘cracking’ where catalysts are mixed with oil to make a highly viscous and abrasive slurry which is pumped into a reactor. This and other processes require accurate dosing of chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers and flocculants. The management of wastewater treatment is critical; tightening environmental legislation requires pumps to handle oily water mixtures with minimum shear to enable efficient separation and the ability to handle low to high % DS content.

SEEPEX Pumps For The Petrochemical Industry

Catalyst Slurry Injection

Polymerization uses powdered catalysts which are processed into a slurry with mineral oil, they are then dosed with our NS range pumps with low shear and minimal pulsation into the reactor against high pressure.

Refinery Wastewater And Sludge Treatment

SEEPEX low shear pumps are used to handle oily water mixtures and skimming oil from (API) separators, induced gas flotation units and open drains tanks and viscous oily sludges from other separation technology.

Versatile Open Drains And Canned Pumps

The flexible engineered solutions from SEEPEX encompassing conventional, semi-submersible or canned pumps overcome challenges associated with space restrictions and extremely low NPSHa requirements.


Accurate, linear and repeatable dosing of corrosion inhibitors, flocculants and other chemicals is achieved with our dosing MD range pumps.

Shaping the modern way of life - SEEPEX pumps for the petrochemical industry