Green energy production

Efficient plants - high gas yields

Primarily in the agricultural and environmental market sectors, biogas production has grown into an accepted alternative to fossil fuels. Energy can be produced from a variety of sources including specifically grown crops and waste foodstuff. Economic success through a high gas yield is assisted in part by having tried and tested equipment installed

Longstanding experience

Our progressive cavity pumps and macerators have been used successfully for many years to assist with biogas production on a wide variety of applications. These applications include the pumping and macerating of feedstocks such as food waste, pumping of liquid fractions such as manures, slurries and digestate liquors and can also be used to efficiently mix these products together prior to pumping to the next part of the process.

The BTEX pumps from our T range of open hopper pumps are designed with heavy duty components specifically for the most arduous of duties and are used to mix together and transfer a wide variety of products as a homogenous biomass. Any larger particles can be chopped and conditioned by our Macerators before the pump to ensure the required particle size is achieved.

Progressive cavity pumps are ideally suited to operate within a closed pipework system, ensuring minimal product spillages, reducing slip and trip hazards and reducing unwanted odours

SEEPEX - Products in the Biogas industry

Transportion of substrate

Feeding the digesters from the substrate silos or the fermentation pit.

Conditioning of biomass

Coarse and fibrous substrates are chopped and conditioned by macerators to ensure ease of pumping.

Emptying silos

Open hopper pumps empty storage tanks containing corn, rapeseed, beets or food waste, as well as slurries and fecal sludge.

Open hopper pumps, standard pumps, and macerators reliably chop, condition and transfer a wide variety of products including beets, silage and corn to the fermentation tanks.