Crude Oil

Bringing A Sleeping Giant To The Surface

Asleep for million of years, crude oil is still one of the main drivers of steady economic growth, which needs to be brought to the surface. Despite limited resources and all efforts to promote renewable energies global demand is still rising, reaching almost 100,000 barrels per day. The so called "black gold" is not limited for use as fuel, but also as an ingredient in various other products and industries - even where it is not evident at first glance.

Efficient Equipment For Complex Systems

The common image of oil production using pumpjacks with their distinctive 'donkey' heads is still a common site on many oil fields around the world. However, they are constantly being replaced by a less spectacular, but more efficient system - progressive cavity pumps.

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are used across many applications in onshore oil exploration including, but not limited to drilling waste management, produced water treatment, water injection, condensate, enhanced oil recovery-polymer flooding, LACT, handling fracking chemicals and fracking water as well as multiphase boosting and crude oil transfer.

SEEPEX Pumps For Oil Production 

Drilling Waste Management And Cuttings Transfer

SEEPEX pumps are utilized for feeding decanter centrifuges, vertical dryers and other processing equipment with minimal shear and pulsation, as well as for transporting heavy cuttings or cleaning mud pits

Produced Water Treatment

Feeding the oil/water mixtures without damaging the oil droplet into induced gas flotation units and de-oiling hydrocylones are examples where SEEPEX low shear pumps are used.

Sewage Removal And Treatment

SEEPEX pump ranges are used in a variety of different applications to handle sewage and waste water.

Lact - Leased Asset Custody Transfer

SEEPEX pumps are ideal for handling varying viscosities of crude oil with high suction and discharge pressures. Their minimal pulsation ensures precise flow measurement enabling accurate compensation between multiple well owners during custody transfer.


SEEPEX pumps handle products with varying viscosities and suspended solids. Along with their low shear action, they reduce emulsification and enable the fracking water to be treated before being re-used or disposed.

Multiphase Boosting And Crude Oil Transfer

SEEPEX multiphase pumps and control systems enable automatic control of multiphase boosting of oil flow from wells together with reliable performance in challenging well conditions with gas content of up to 99%. The systems are designed to be tolerant to changing flow and prolonged gas slugging.

Pumping "black gold" - SEEPEX pumps for oil production