The highest hygiene requirements

SEEPEX conveys sensitive products

The consumption of seafood and seafood-based products is over 150 million tons annually worldwide - and rising.

A high water content, readily degradable organic compounds, free amino acids in the muscles and a high content of unsaturated fatty acids make fish and other seafood highly perishable foods. Therefore, the highest requirements for hygiene and cleanliness must be met during processing. Moreover, the increased demand for ready-to-cook fish meals in portioned, seasoned and pre-cooked forms calls for coordinated technology solutions for portioning and exact dosing.

Cutting or filleting fish produces significant amounts of waste that must efficiently be processed and transported in compliance with hygiene requirements. Odor emissions must also be minimized - only then can they be reused as animal feed or fertilizer.

Ready to be used - in primary or secondary line

SEEPEX pumps of the CS range ensure gentle, low-pulsation processing and are designed and certified in accordance with international hygienic design guidelines such as the EHEDG and the US 3A Sanitary Standards. Media remnants in the pump can be removed without leaving any residues by cleaning processes such as Clean in Place (CIP) or Sterilization in Place (SIP).

For conveying whole fish, pumps from the CS range are the optimal solution - for example, when emptying fishing vessels and for conveying through pipelines over longer distances. Hopper pumps, designed with integrated cutting tools, enable the reliable conveyance of by-products and organic waste. Combined with macerators, these substances may be broken down further so that they can be processed into fish meal or feed.

SEEPEX dosing pumps perform demanding dosing and portioning tasks - for example, in hygienic production applications where spices and dressings must be precisely added. However, they also impress with their reliable, trouble-free operation when used for fully automatic feeding in fish farms. If necessary, the function of the pumps can be optimized by the SDP dosing control.

SEEPEX pumps in the fishing industry

Transport of cutting and production waste

Effortless and safe removal of waste such as skins, bones and heads

Dosing of brine and marinades

To refine the taste of canned fish

Conveyance of whole parts or pieces

For optimized efficiency when emptying fishing vessels

Maceration of waste

Reduction of volume by up to 60% for further use as fish meal

Gentle conveyance

Even the finest seafood can be transported intact

SEEPEX pumps: for all processing steps in the fishing industry.