First Class Handling

With Specialized Technology from SEEPEX

Where food and beverages are produced, waste, wash residues and other by-products are inevitable.

Overproduction, rejects and expired goods also fall into this category - which is often subject to strict regulatory requirements. This is because, depending on the categorization of the residual materials, strict compliance with hygiene regulations and the avoidance of cross-contamination must be ensured within the production processes. The same applies to transport and disposal routes - such as for landfilling, thermal recycling or use as animal feed.

Waste treatment technologies must therefore not only be efficient, but also meet stringent hygiene requirements and avoid odor emissions.

Maximum Performance for Waste Treatment

SEEPEX solutions overcome many waste treatment challenges: Food waste is conveyed through closed piping systems, virtually eliminating accidental contamination, contamination of the work environment, and odor nuisance.

With BTM hopper pumps, various residual materials can not only be pumped, but also crushed. The SEEPEX macerator can break them down even further. The result: a volume reduction of up to 60%, which saves transportation costs and better prepares the material for use as a renewable energy source or animal feed.

Our patented Smart Air Injection (SAI) system solution offers a particularly efficient conveying method: the combination of pump conveyance and compressed air transport makes it possible to cleanly and safely convey residual products from the beverage industry such as malt or hop spent grains as well as tea or coffee residues over long distances of up to 1,000 meters. The controlled addition of short compressed air pulses enables energy costs to be reduced by up to 72% compared with conventional processes. 


SEEPEX Pumps in The Treatment of
Waste and By-Products

Transport of cutting and production waste

Reliable removal of carcasses, skins, heads and other food waste

Conveyance of whole parts or pieces

From small parts up to the size of chickens

Maceration of waste

Reduction of the volume by up to 60% for further use as animal feed

SEEPEX pumps convey food waste sensitively and efficiently