Corona Virus Update: We Are Here for You

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic progresses, SEEPEX continues to monitor the situation, guidance from local authorities, and make appropriate changes to business procedures as required to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. Apart from a few adjustments to the measures we took earlier this spring, SEEPEX continues to operate under these modified procedures to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers.

Our rigorous hygiene and prevention safety measures for our employees, coupled with our robust supply chain, have allowed us to fulfill and deliver orders on time, with very few exceptions. All customers have designated contact personnel in the Sales and Service Departments who closely monitor orders and communicate any changes in delivery timing. These personnel are available for other customer inquiries as well.

In addition, our service team can offer customers various services to ensure operations continue to run smoothly. Our service technicians are continuously educated on the latest safety protocols and procedures and have been trained to strictly adhere to the highest hygienic standards. They are able to support customers onsite as travel regulations permit. Via our AR Remote Support we can easily support you in the event of pending repairs or spare parts inquiries.

Thanks to the high degree of digitalization in our business processes, we have been able to react quickly to the ever changing circumstances the pandemic has brought upon us. We are happy to answer any questions concerning the digitalization of your pump operation and support you in the smooth continuation of your plant operations.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

Our team, products and service will continue to be fully available to our customers and business partners. At the same time, we are fulfilling our social responsibility during these difficult days.

The developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) present new challenges for us daily. Protecting the health of our customers, partners and employees is our highest priority. We will fulfil our social responsibility and take all possible measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

At the same time, we want to continue to stand by you as a dependable partner and support your operating processes with reliable delivery and service.

We want to inform you transparently about the status at SEEPEX and, due to the new situation, we would like to prepare ourselves for a new kind of cooperation with you. This will involve the following topics:

  • What effects are noticeable?
  • How can we continue to interact?
  • What measures have we taken?

What effects are noticeable?

Almost all countries, in which SEEPEX is active, have significantly restricted public life and some economic business activities through various measures.

To date, we have not yet detected any corona cases at SEEPEX. And fortunately, preventive home quarantine has only occurred in a few exceptional cases. Our staff remain fully operational.

Our production is also currently running normally and our teams in sales, service, logistics and development are also active and fully committed from their home offices.

We are currently seeing an increase in orders for spare parts, as some of our customers are taking preventive action to increase their stock of parts for pumps in critical applications. So far, we have been able to handle all inquiries without significant delays.

We have experienced isolated logistical problems with our suppliers or forwarders. Should there be any restrictions in transport and the delivery of important spare parts not be possible at the usual speed, we will inform you promptly and directly.

How can we continue to interact?

In order to contain the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the risk of infection for you and our employees, we are currently dispensing with the usual customer visits and are endeavoring to use contactless communication channels (i.e. online or over telephone).

Your personal contact at SEEPEX will, of course, continue to be available for you. However, many of our employees, as well as many of our customers and business partners, are working from home, so the established communication channels between you and our SEEPEX team may not always function smoothly. We kindly ask for your understanding and promise to take care of your request as soon as possible.

In any case you can reach us by email at:

We will then forward your request to the correct department and process it as quickly as possible. In order for this to succeed, please help us by providing as much concrete information as possible about your request or product. You can also attach additional documents to your email.

In addition, the SEEPEX Shop is available to you 24 hours a day. Here you will find all your SEEPEX pumps individually listed and you can order spare parts online. Please contact us by email at to activate your account if you have not yet set it up.

You can also contact us via the SEEPEX Service Point App and request service support or spare parts by scanning the QR code on your pump. The Service Point App also gives you access to your pump data, such as drawings or operating instructions.

What measures have we taken?

Some of our customers and business partners have inquired about the measures we have taken in connection with the coronavirus as part of their own risk management.

We have strictly complied with all official and regulatory requirements and instructions. In addition, SEEPEX initiated comprehensive measures at a very early stage to protect its employees and to safeguard our production and supply chains. We have continuously adapted these measures to the current situation over the past few days and weeks and will continue to do so. Our measures include the following.


Personal protection and hygiene

We urged our employees to reduce social contact in both the business and private spheres, to avoid group meetings and to organize meetings via telephone or online video conferencing.

We also informed our employees of necessary hygienic measures and strictly demand these in the work environment.


Home office

Almost all employees who do not have to be present at the company (e.g. production) can now work from home. For this purpose, we have created appropriate technical requirements as well as secure, encrypted connections that allow employees access to SEEPEX systems for merchandise management, logistics, order processing, etc. so they can continue their work.



We have established processes to avoid contact as far as possible within production and to protect the overall production. Among other things, we have introduced an overlap-free multi-shift operation, which avoids personal contact during shift handover. We have tightened access restrictions and exclude access to employees who are not involved in production as well as customers, suppliers and visitors. All other employees who must temporarily be in production may only enter these areas wearing face masks.



We set up a working group to identify possible supply bottlenecks at an early stage and initiated suitable countermeasures. In the event of problems with suppliers, this team will quickly find alternative supply channels, components or even new product solutions within our modular and varied pump offerings, in order to be able to continue to supply our customers with the accustomed high quality.


Business trips

We have issued a general travel ban for business trips to or from risk areas identified by the Robert Koch Institute. In addition, we encourage our employees to reduce all travel and visits to events to an absolute minimum.


Domestic quarantine

In addition to the officially applicable rules on home quarantine, we ask employees to contact their manager by telephone and to stay away from the workplace if there is a risk of contact with an infected person or if they are returning from one of the above-mentioned risk areas (business or private travel). In some of our locations, we have also introduced body temperature measurement for employees before starting work and ask people who seem unwell to go home.



For employees who experience problems in caring for their children due to the closure of daycares, kindergartens and schools, we have made working hours regulations more flexible and have provided opportunities to work outside core and functional hours, for example, in home office.


We hope that we can support you with our measures. We will continue to stand by your side as a proven and reliable partner in the difficult days and weeks ahead.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

We wish you good health now and in the future.