⁣SEEPEX Drives Exceptional Customer Experience

SEEPEX is pleased to announce the creation of an order status tool. This new tool is available exclusively to the SEEPEX Partner Network.

Partners now have the ability to check the status of orders online, 24/7. Partners can instantly respond to their customers with the most up-to-date information regarding their orders. Shipping information is also available in the tool for ease of forwarding tracking numbers.

SEEPEX continually reviews and enhances its processes and software tools to meet the ever changing demands of customers and to provide a five star customer experience. This tool is also a great benefit for the SEEPEX Partner Network, allowing them to streamline their processes, saving time and money. 

The order status tool joins a suite of other tools already available to the SEEPEX Partners, giving them a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Grant Stark, SEEPEX Sales Operation Manager comments, “SEEPEX continues to evolve the way business is done in the progressive cavity pump world. The Fast Ship Pump program brought the ability to ship select pump models in as few as 5 business days and 80% of parts in 24 hours. Now the order status tool adds to the customer experience giving Partners the ability to provide instant updates.”

news20200713 seepex drives exceptional customer experience