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Conveying product

Primary and auxiliary cosmetics

Key specifications

Low pulsation

Precise metering

Cost savings

Reduced maintenance costs

Pump type

Cosmetic experts know that metering matters. After all, only the perfect mixture of active ingredients during the manufacturing process creates the desired effect in the final product. This is exactly where a leading manufacturer in Great Britain struggled. In this case, SEEPEX's solution was so impressive that the manufacturer switched entirely to our progressive cavity pumps.


When manufacturing cosmetics based on defined recipes, pumps convey various ingredients to the mixing unit to create the finished shampoo or skincare products. Pressure-resistant metering and low-pulsation conveying of the viscous ingredients are crucial factors in this process.


The diaphragm pumps used previously did not perform satisfactorily because of high-pulsating flow rates, which negatively affect precise metering.

The cosmetics manufacturer wanted an alternative pump solution, which guaranteed both precise metering and reduced costs. 


SEEPEX recommended a low-pulsating progressive cavity pump from the BN range. The customer was impressed with the pumps performance and contracted SEEPEX to develop an overall concept, from selecting and sizing to commissioning, for the entire facility.

SEEPEX delivered a coordinated overall concept and installed a total of 18 BN range pumps with different conveying capacities. Your benefits: low pulsation and low, precise maintenance.


SEEPEX pumps operate reliably, meter precisely and ensure gentle handling of all ingredients – immensely satisfying customers. In short: high product quality that impresses producers and consumers in this highly competitive market and keeps competitors at bay.

SEEPEX rotor 15 degree angle on black background
SEEPEX rotor horizontal on black background
SEEPEX BN 17-6LS pump horizontal on black background