BTH - with separately driven ribbon screw

Simultaneously fast and slow

Always the right speed: Because the ribbon screw of the BTH hopper pump from SEEPEX has its own separate second drive system, it can be operated at a different speed from the rotating unit. Thanks to the large diameter and elongated pitch of the edge-to-edge ribbon screw, even media that tend to bridge can be conveyed without any problems.

Conveying Capacity
0.5–40 m³/h
2.2–176 US gpm
36 bar
525 psi

Features and Benefits

Optimal speed

The speed is always optimally adjusted to the medium thanks to the separately driven ribbon screw in the hopper, which is operated at a different speed

No bridging

The centrally oriented, edge-to-edge ribbon screw has a large diameter and elongated pitch, ensuring no bridging takes place with highly viscous or semi-solid media

Optimum product conveyance

Conveyance of the optimal flow rate to the downstream rotating unit by compressing the medium in the compression zone

Easy maintenance

Quick and simple maintenance thanks to the easy dismantling of the compression casing

Consistent viscosity

Thanks to the low speed of the screw conveyor and rotating unit when transporting media that is sensitive to shearing


Available in block design with directly flanged-on drive system, or as a variant with free bare shaft and plug connection

Technologies, accessories and options

Dry running protection / TSE

TSE monitors the temperature of the rotating stator and shuts down the pump when the limit value is reached to protect the pump from dry running.

Retensioning device

With this device, a worn stator can be evenly readjusted at several points so that the clamping between the rotor and stator is once again optimal and the pump performance increases.

Overpressure Protection

The pressure gauge switches off the pump as soon as a pre-set pressure is exceeded or not reached and protects the pump from increased wear and tear or piping damage.

Standard base plate

Short base plate B with geared motor for all standard applications.

Standard gland packing

Universal seal for hopper and standard pumps for sealing the plug-in shaft and suction casing or feed hopper. Also available with grease or lantern ring to shut off the media flow. Can also be supplied with upstream labyrinth seal and additional flush connection or lubricating device.

Cartridge mechanical seal

Ready-to-install pre-assembled units with supply connections and attachment brackets for quick replacement.

Single-acting mechanical seal

Universal standard mechanical seal for dosing, food applications and semi-submersible pumps for sealing the plug-in shaft in the suction casing or the hopper.

Rotor Joint Access (RJA)

Sliding separate casing with enlarged cross section ensures quick and easy maintenance.

Universal joint sleeve protection

Stainless steel protective housing protects the universal joint sleeve from mechanical destruction by rough parts made of plastic, metal, wood, etc. Up to 10,000 operating hours guaranteed.

Pin joint

Robust joint that enables the movement of the rotor. Filled with special grease and fastened with a retaining sleeve. Universal joint sleeves seal the joint, even with extreme temperatures or pumping media. The standard joint for all applications with abrasive products.

Pressure Branch

With gauge connection. Flange connections alternatively to DIN or ANSI.


Optimized compression between the rotor and stator using wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. A wide range of alloys, coatings and elastomers are available for each.

Conventional geometry

With short pitches and a compact design, the conventional geometry produces high pressures.

6L geometry

With a small rotor diameter and a long pitch, the 6L geometry attains lower surface velocities and extends the service life due to its large sealing line.


The seal on both ends is moulded as an integral part of the elastomeric stator; corrosion of the stator tube is never a problem because the pumped liquid never comes into contact with the metal tube or the bonding adhesive. Available with optional adjustable stator retensioning device.

Conventional geometry

With short pitches and a compact design, the conventional geometry produces high pressures.

6L geometry

With a small rotor diameter and a long pitch, the 6L geometry attains lower surface velocities and extends the service life due to its large sealing line.

Tie bolts/screw

Corrosion proof, optional available in stainless steel design.


For connection of pump and drive and to secure the assembly to the base plate or directly to the foundation.


Geared motors, variable speed drives or frequency controlled motors of all major manufacturers, directly flanged to the pump without additional couplings or guards. Covers made of stainless steel are available.

Coupling rod

With progressive pitch auger feed screw for power transmission and feeding of viscous products.

Compression casing

Conical casing ensures optimal feeding of the medium into the conveying elements. Optional sliding compression casing for quick and easy maintenance.

Feed hopper with liner

With vertical hopper walls and a generous cross section. The hopper liner stabilizes the ribbon screw and protects it against wear. The hopper length can be individually fabricated.

Flush connection

Connection for cleaning, emptying or diversion.

Full screw

Auger feed screw reduces backflow of medium, ensuring optimized filling of the pump cavities.

Ribbon screw

Concentric feed screw with maximized pitch length which self cleans the hopper walls, prevents bridging of the medium in the feed hopper and enhances feeding of the pumping elements.