Since SEEPEX’s founding in 1972, we have been bringing fully-developed innovative technologies to the market. Our numerous progressive cavity pump patents prove our capability and our ability to make ALL THINGS FLOW.

We’re moving forward by continuously exploring new breakthroughs and focusing on theoretical research, product development and information technology. Sounds interesting? Examine the technologies and principles behind our mechanics with us.


SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps belong to the group of rotary positive displacement pumps.



SEEPEX rotors and stators meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee high efficiency. Less wear and good corrosion resistance minimize operating costs and ensure a long service life. They follow certain prerequisites: optimized surfaces, high-precision geometries, customizable materials, and application-specific sizing and coating.



The SEEPEX tenet: we develop customized solutions for the various needs and requirements of our customers. That is why we also supply tailor-made rotor/stator geometries that are designed exactly for the required conveying capacity, pressure and conveying product.




SEEPEX 6L geometry enables lower surface velocities with its small rotor diameter and longer pitch length while also extending surface life due to a larger sealing line.



With smaller pitches and a compact design, the conventional SEEPEX geometry achieves high system pressures.



The SEEPEX tricam-geometry attains higher conveying capacities with the same pump length thanks to its higher number of helices. With the longer 6LT or the shorter 12T design, the SEEPEX benefits will be achieved at higher flow rates.


SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are equipped with robust and easy-to-install pin joints. Hermetically sealed universal joint sleeves ensure a smooth operation, even at extreme temperatures or when handling abrasive products.



Smart Seal Housing (SSH) is the latest development of Smart Conveying Technology (SCT). This technical innovation provides the quickest and simplest maintenance, enabling the mechanical seal to be changed without the need to remove the pipework or suction casing.

Traditionally, when mechanical seals need replacing, the pipe work and pump suction casing have to be removed to gain access to the seal housing. This is a time consuming process, which has now been minimized with Smart Seal Housing (SSH).

Smart Seal Housing (SSH) is available as an option for Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) pumps.


Drive Joint Access (DJA) is an intelligent concept for the maintenance of drive-side components.

A sliding joint housing mounted on rollers between the intake hopper and the protective frame of hopper pumps allows quick access to the joint on the drive side. The plug-in shaft and drive can therefore be installed or removed within a few minutes without having to remove the piping, the intake hopper or the screw conveyor. 

On large standard pumps, the complete drive and coupling rod assembly can be easily removed from the back of the suction casing to service the mechanical seal or joints. Removing the piping or dismantling the rotor and stator is not required either.


The intelligent Rotor Joint Access maintenance concept gives you quick and easy access to the rotor-side joint on hopper pumps and large standard pumps

Thanks to a sliding housing section mounted on rollers, it is possible to reach the rotor-side joint quickly and easily. This means that the stator can be easily removed without having to dismantle the pressure branches or piping. This simplifies servicing work and reduces the pump downtime due to maintenance drastically.