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Conveying product

Green waste from
tomato parts

Key specifications

2 processes,

1 pump

Biomass is optimally utilized

Cost savings

Lower investment costs

Lower maintenance costs

Pump type

The most popular vegetable worldwide: approx. 150 million tons of tomatoes are grown each year. The tomato plants are grown year-round in huge high-tech greenhouses and can reach well over 10 meters in length in one season – a growth that would not happen on uncovered farmland. However, the greenhouses require a great deal of energy for such efficient cultivation.


The producer knows that energy can be generated from the organic residue and waste material of tomatoes. At least 15-20 cubic meters of biomass such as pulpy tomatoes, stems, and panicles are accumulated every day, but they need to be further processed before producing biogas. The tomato producer asked SEEPEX to help.


The producer needed a solution to cover the entire biomass process. First, the tomato waste is fed to the biogas plant. Then, the plants and separated tomatoes are cut into pieces so that micro-organisms can accumulate on the additional surfaces for fermenting. Finally, the prepared biomass is pumped into the plant’s mixing tank.


SEEPEX installed a BTM range open hopper pump for macerating and conveying the green waste. Thanks to the integrated cutting unit, the BTM can handle both processes simultaneously. The cutter’s design optimally chops both the soft tomatoes and the stringy plant parts.

This drastically reduced the investment costs: Instead of a macerator and downstream pump, only a single unit needed to be purchased.


Less equipment also means lower service and maintenance costs. These cost savings increased the customer’s position in the fiercely competitive food market.

The by-products of fermentation have a nutritional value as a fertilizer. This benefits the grower as it can be used on the next crop of tomatoes.
Lesley Eaton
Business Development and Marketing Manager, SEEPEX UK Ltd.
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