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SEEPEX - providing treats

"From fruit and chewing gum to caramel and liquorice, chocolate and ice cream: The production challenges are as diverse as the confectionery range itself, especially when it comes to conveying the often sticky, highly viscous, temperature- and shear-sensitive raw materials.

The production of high-quality products therefore requires advanced technologies that process the products as gently as possible, reduce the manual work steps and therefore improve production efficiency. A controlled, uniform temperature is often an important process variable in this context, as are the regulated feed pressure and precise dosing of the ingredients. In addition, the highest hygiene standards must be maintained and the strictest safety regulations must be met."

Always correct

"Designed and certified in accordance with international hygiene design guidelines such as the European EHEDG and the US 3A Sanitary Standards, our food pumps from the CS product family convey confectionery most hygienically. The low-pulsation operating principle with minimal shearing impact enables damage-free processing of even soft solids and therefore ensures a consistently high product quality.

BTCS hopper pumps designed for foodstuffs convey highly viscous and sticky media and ensure trouble-free handling - even when solids, such as nuts or chocolate pieces, are present.

MDC and MDTC dosing pumps precisely deliver even the smallest quantities of both free-flowing and highly viscous ingredients. In combination with our intelligent SDP dosing control, they guarantee constant process parameters during dosing and portioning. To ensure an optimal processing temperature for e.g. ice cream or chocolate, SEEPEX pumps can be optionally equipped with temperature-controlled housing sections."

SEEPEX pumps in the confectionery industry

Transport of viscous raw masses

Smooth conveyance of nougat, caramel, chewy candy mass and many other raw materials

Precise dosing of very small quantities

Precise and accurate portioning for decorating and filling chocolates

Conveyance of whole pieces

Addition of intact nuts or chocolate chips

Protection of temperature-sensitive media

For the safe transport of ice cream or chocolate

SEEPEX food pumps facilitate many process steps in the confectionery industry.