Natural Resources For Traditional Products

Material Efficiency With Consistent High Quality

The ceramic industry has been optimized in recent years to become more environmentally friendly improving material efficiency and minimizing raw materials usage. The production of decorative and high-performance ceramics uses various components depending on the end product. Clay or ceramics containing kaolin, are pumped, dosed and mixed with natural liquefiers such as glue, wax, gelatine, dextrin, gum arabic or paraffin oil.



Handling Abrasive Liquids

Material Efficiency With Consistent High Quality

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are the ideal choice to convey highly abrasive raw materials and accurately meter the auxiliary constituents. The pumps’ wetted parts incorporate wear resistant materials and specific shaft sealing to meet the application’s requirements.

Due to the solids handling and good suction lift capability together with minimal pulsation flow, our progressive cavity pumps offer the best solution for the ceramic industry. Our pumps are widely used to transport highly viscous slurries, process water and wastewater as they can efficiently handle thin to highly viscous media with varied densities.



SEEPEX Pumps For Ceramics Industry 

Metering Additives

Our dosing pumps deliver with a high accuracy of +/- 1% and minimal pulsation, low to highly viscous and aggressive media, with or without solids.

Slurry Transport

After liquefying raw materials, the abrasive ceramic slurries are conveyed to the moulds with our standard BN/NS ranges or, for highly viscous non-flowable products, using our open hopper T range pumps.


Paints, dyes and varnishes are pumped to the dip tanks, or to the injectors for spraying processes.

Process Slurries

Slurries from stone grinding are disposed or transported for recycling with our standard BN range pumps.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is conveyed for treatment, on or offsite, with standard BN/NS range pumps or open hopper T range pumps.

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are used in many stages of the ceramic production process