Simple, Hygienic, Gentle:

Processing Dough with SEEPEX

Dough-based products are found almost everywhere in the world. In order for a flour-based product to become bread, a pastry, pasta or a specific regional specialty, it must be enriched with fillings, other ingredients, glazes or other additives. Increasingly sophisticated recipes with higher-quality products are becoming a real challenge for food producers.

For optimal product quality, the largely sticky dough must be processed both to the exact gram and in accordance with applicable hygiene standards. The basic dough and its ingredients - such as yeast - are not only sensitive to shearing and temperature, but also require gentle handling.

The Right Solution - According to The Recipe

Where different ingredients are to be pumped and dough mixtures added in exact quantities, SEEPEX pumps from the product families CS and D are the optimal solution. They also apply glazes and sauces precisely to bread, pastries or pizza dough and accurately add fillings. The low-pulsation pumping with low shear effect ensures high product quality, even with large soft solids.

BT and BTCS hopper pumps with integrated auger feed screw are specially designed for handling highly viscous and sticky products such as dough, pie or strudel fillings. Thanks to the low shear effect, the products will remain intact even during transport. A heatable casing jacket maintains the right temperature at all times - including for products that are sensitive to cold.

SEEPEX pumps meet the highest hygiene standards and can be cleaned using the Clean in Place (CIP), Clean out of Place (COP) or Sterilization in Place (SIP) process, depending on the pump.

SEEPEX Pumps for Dough Processing and Bakery Production

Dough transport

Easy conveyance of products with low flowability such as bread, pastry, cake, pie or pizza dough

Dosing of sauces and glazes

Precise application, injection and portioning on pizza bases, in pies or on cakes and donuts

Conveyance of whole pieces

Addition of intact dried fruit or nuts

Protection of temperature-sensitive media

For example, for the safe transport of yeast