Vibrant Cities


The construction industry plays a major role in the transformation to livable cities, in accordance with climate protection as well as implementing new mobility concepts - whether in building construction, civil engineering or infrastructure. New building materials and climate-friendly construction methods are being tested; natural materials are increasingly being used again. The various industries produce very different building materials. But all of them have to be delivered to the site at a fixed time so as not to jeopardize construction planning. Time and costs are therefore an important factor for the success of construction projects.



Many Trades - Various Materials

In a wide range of applications, SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps provide cost-reducing solutions for conveying construction materials as well as the corresponding manufacturing components. Low pulsation and a robust design comes as an advantage, when concrete, chemical additives or bitumen is being pumped. Long-life wearing parts lead to long service lives and thus safeguard production.

Standard pumps of the BN range are robust all-rounders and effortlessly convey abrasive and corrosive materials. They are therefore widely used to feed tunnel boring machines or pipe jacking for lubrication with bentonite.

In the further processing of mineral raw materials into binders and softer types of concrete such as mortar, screed and flow concrete, hopper pumps of the T range with integrated mixing utilities are well suited for filling and unloading silos, basins and drums.

Dosing pumps with a metering accuracy of +/-1% precisely meter chemicals in the production of building materials. In many areas, such as brick production, insulation wool, plasterboard production or sanitary ceramics, expensive additives have to be added. SEEPEX metering pumps ensure that the exact quantity is metered and thus cost-saving planning is possible.




Progressive Cavity Pumps for The Construction Industry


 In tunneling projects, robust BN pumps transport abrasive bentonite solutions, drilling mud and are used for dewatering. 

Cement Works

Due to their energy-efficient properties, standard pumps of the N range are used in secondary processes such as gas separation and sewage sludge incineration. They pump a wide variety of liquids such as lime slurry, sewage sludge and urea.


Gravel Treatment

For years, gravel plants have been using T and N series open hopper and standard pumps in grit washing to separate the minerals from organic particles.


Concrete Processing

When producing cement suspensions, plasters and screeds, open hopper pumps with integrated mixing utilities effortlessly merge different and to pump them uniformly with low pulsation into tanks, silos or to construction sites.

SEEPEX pumps are used in many areas of the building materials production