In areas with sensitive hygienic requirements such as food production, cleanliness is a critical factor. SEEPEX food and hygienic progressive cavity pumps fulfill even the strictest hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and food and beverage industries, conveying both high- and low-viscosity substances with minimal shear effect. They ensure sanitary pumping and thus product quality at all times in compliance with 3-A Sanitary Standards, regardless of the pumping application.

The components of our food and hygienic progressive cavity pumps are designed in compliance with EHEDG principles and food grade standards found in the food industry. The BCFH range even has certification to mark it as particularly hygienic and easy to clean. All materials in contact with the pumping product naturally fulfill the international requirements of the FDA and EU 1935-2004.

Features and Benefits

Fulfills the strictest hygiene and material standards

EHEDG-certified (BCFH range) and compliant with the strictest FDA and 3-A hygiene and material standards through optimized intake geometries, certified components and hygienic mechanical seals

Gentle conveying

Low shear and pumping with minimal pulsation of low to highly viscous products with constant conveying capacities, various flow rates and high pressure stability

Residue-free cleaning

Optimal results thanks to cleaning processes such as Clean in Place (CIP), Sterilization in Place (SIP), Clean out of Place (COP)

Easy maintenance

Low space requirements and no special tools required for maintenance – just discharge the Flexrod from the rotor and drive shaft (BCFH and BCF ranges)

Versatile applications

Fulfill even the strictest hygiene requirements, and are therefore suitable for numerous applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries