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The pulp and paper industry is one of the most demanding and arduous market sectors due to the wide variety of products produced. Manufacturing the numerous different types of pulp, paper and board products requires specialized, sophisticated machinery and processes, resulting in high energy consumption. The high capital investment costs of the paper machines and associated operational cost from consumables and energy make it necessary to optimize operational expenditure.

To remain competitive, it is vital that plants diversify and improve production efficiencies. With high annual operational hours, choosing appropriate efficient and reliable pump technology is vital. SEEPEX SCT pumps not only have re-adjustable and longer lasting components which are quick and easy to maintain but, combined with SEEPEX pump monitoring and connected services, enable predictive and forward planned maintenance.



The Right Solution For Every Application

SEEPEX N range pumps incorporating maintain in place technologies easily convey low to high viscosity products with or without solids. They are particularly suited for transferring products such as adhesives, coating colours, dyes, titanium dioxide, starches, calcium carbonate, bentonite, recovered waste and wastewater in all types of pulp and paper mills.

SEEPEX MD dosing pumps convey low to high viscosity products with low shear, minimal pulsation and high repeatability (+/- 1%) including chemicals, colours additives and process chemicals used across multiple processes in the paper industry. Our Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) with integrated control system offers complex continuous and batch dosing with high precision and repeatable accuracy, and can easily be integrated into high level automation systems thanks to its modular build.

Open hopper pumps of the BTVE range with a large rectangular hopper plus an integrated auger feed screw and maintain in place technology are particularly suitable for highly viscous and semi-solid products such as paper stock.



SEEPEX Pumps for the paper and pulp industry

Stock Preparation And Treatment

Our N, T and MD ranges convey products such as coatings, dyes, glue, wood and paper pulp, bleached or un-bleached fibres to the stock preparation area with minimal pulsation and high accuracy and repeatability.



Paper Finishing

Dosing of additives and finishing chemicals is carried out with our MD range of dosing pumps. High dosing accuracy and repeatability of +/- 1% with low shear and minimal pulsation prevent overdosing of chemicals.




SEEPEX pumps gently convey and accurately meter various additives, pigments and binders in coating kitchens before transferring onward to the next part of the process.



Bleaching In Chemical Pulp Production

Our BN range pumps deliver with a high accuracy of +/- 1% and minimal pulsation various chemicals used in the bleaching process such as caustic soda. In the recovery process, we handle black liquor.



Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater is reliably handled throughout the various stages of the treatment process with our N range pumps or, for highly viscous non-flowable products, by open hopper T range pumps. MD pumps are also used for any flocculent dosing required during the treatment process.