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All cosmetics experts know how important accurate dosing is. It is only when the active ingredients are added in exactly the right proportions during production that the end product gets the desired properties. This is exactly what a leading manufacturer in the UK struggled with. They got help from SEEPEX, and the solution we developed was so convincing that the manufacturer switched entirely to our eccentric screw pumps.


In the manufacture of cosmetic products, the various ingredients are pumped, in proportions according to a carefully specified product recipe, to a mixing unit that mixes them into a finished product - shampoo, skin care products, etc. Pressure stable dosing and pumping with low pulsation of the often highly viscous ingredients are critical factors in the process.


Previously, diaphragm pumps were used, with less good results. The pulsation was unacceptably high, which made accurate dosing difficult.

The cosmetics manufacturer wanted a pump solution that could handle accurate dosing and at the same time reduce costs.


SEEPEX recommended a low-pulsed eccentric screw pump from the BN series. The customer was so pleased with the performance of these pumps that they asked SEEPEX to develop a total solution for the entire factory - everything from pump selection and dimensioning to commissioning.

Seepex delivered a coordinated total solution that included installation of a total of 18 bn pumps of various sizes. The benefits were great: low pulsation, careful dosage and little maintenance need.


The SEEPEX pumps have high operational reliability, dose accurately and are gentle on all ingredients. The customer is very satisfied - consistent and high product quality that impresses both manufacturers and customers in the highly competitive cosmetics market, and keeps competitors in check.

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