Save time and costs with SEEPEX Webinars

Beer and spirits continue to be on everyone's lips. Not only numerous small and large breweries and distilleries ensure this fact, but also their suppliers, who provide the brew masters and distillers with material and equipment. The specialist in pump technology, SEEPEX, wants to make sure that its equipment is on everyone's lips from now on, too. In their one-hour webinar “Smart Air Injection - The impulse for pilsner & grain” on September 29, the pump experts will present the energy-efficient pump system in more detail and show how it can help to save enormous costs and precious time.

Smart Air Injection (SAI) conveys viscous media with a variable dry solids content, easily masters long distances, handles directional changes flexibly, and overcomes differences in height effortlessly, say the pump experts from Bottrop, Germany. SAI is able to transport the spent grains in packages through the pipework, just like a pneumatic post system. Compared to conventional conveying solutions, SAI reduces the compressed air consumption by up to 90% and is able to remove the spent grains up to 60% faster. This will significantly reduce your operating costs and increase the efficiency of your entire brewing process.

“Smart Air Injection has already proven its worth in many breweries and distilleries for conveying hop and malt spent grains with the help of controlled compressed air pulses.“, states Dr. Stephan Mottyll, Head of Product Management at SEEPEX.

In the webinar "Smart Air Injection - The Impulse for Pilsner and Grain", he highlights how the energy-efficient SAI conveying concept provides significant cost advantages over conventional conveying solutions.


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